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Welcome to the Marius Foundation

We support the conservation of the Swedish legacy in St Barths.


The upbringing

The young days


Who’s Marius Stakelborough?

Have you heard of the old Swedish island of Saint Barthelemy? If you have it, it is probably Marius Stakelboroughs merit. By safeguarding the legacy of the past, he has drawn attention of the Swedish heritage, every time a Swede has landed on the island, he has treated the individual as a member of his family. Contacts have been pinned and work to bring out this little exclusive island at every Swedish citizens map. At Marius bar “Le Select” the Swedish heritage is strong; the interior is full of signs, posters, photos and letters related to Sweden.

The contractor

Marius the Contractor.

Marius was a man of opportunity, a man with a mind for business, nothing was impossible, and in all his life, he saw opportunities, and not problems or limitations. 1949 was the year Marius opened the now famous bar Le Select on St Barth simply because there was no other on the island before, it was here people went to play dominoes, drink a beer or two and to talk for a while. More and more people came to the bar and quickly Le Select became a meeting place on the island for locals and sailors.