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Welcome to the Marius Foundation

We support the conservation of the Swedish legacy in St Barths.


The upbringing

The young days

The family

Helene and the Family.

Even if Marius have has his fair share of women in his life, it has really only been one for him – Helene. Their relationship was as something taken from a Hollywood film. Helene’s parents did not appreciate that their daughter, a very bright mulatto met with a three year older negro. So they met on siesta and hid small notes to each other on the beach and when Helene filled the 21 and could decide for herself, she left her parents and move in together with Marius. They had a very hard time and was forced to live in a hut which constantly got invaded by crabs. The bar “Le Select” became their rescue. They were to be together in over 40 years and produce nine children together. It was in connection to the death of Helene Marius left the bar.

The sailor

Marius and the Sea.

It was soon clear to Marius that working as a sailor was something that suited him perfectly, to work as a team for each other and then share the profits as brothers was something made for him, as he preferred to work with others, not giving out orders and taking a larger slice of the pie.At the same time, it was the job as a sailor something that was filled with fun elements for Marius, all traffic between the islands during this time went with the boats so that each task were always a bit different. Post came up with the boats and it was to the sailors as the farmers and residents they could sell their goods. The boats were therefore vital for the islands around Saint Barthelemy. Marius earned their living at sea for 16 years with the exception of 20 months during World War II, where he worked as a volunteer for the Americans at a base in Saint Thomas. With only primary school education he learned this profession and when he retired as a sailor he was qualified to work as a captain for the tours between the islands, very impressive for a man who began by taking a position as a mess boy on a ship.